"a/k/a Tommy Chong,"premiered at the Toronto Film Festival; played selectively in theaters across the US and Canada, starting with Film Forum in New York City; and premiered prime time on Showtime Networks and the CBC's Passionate Eye Documentary Series in Canada (Fall 2008).  Josh is currently shooting, producing and directing several feature length documentaries, including "Stop What You're Doing and Dance" about legendary Pittsburgh DJ, Porky Chedwick, who broke the color barrier by playing "race music" to white audiences. Josh recently produced and shot a news documentary for Vice/HBO about the hallucenogenic rootbark, Ibogaine, to interupt drug addiciton. The project is executive produced by Bill Maher and will air in April, 2013.
https://vimeo.com/27352129 - Stop What You're Doing and Dance - The Porky Chedwick Story - Trailer. Completion Date Summer 2013